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Top PC Action Games Of All Time

Video games have been an outlet for millions of children and adults to blow off some steam and enjoy time with their friends. But video games in and of itself is a massive culture that has spawned multiple subcultures that focus on different genres. This article, in particular, will be focusing on action games, arguably one of the most popular types of videogames genres. For covering a wider range of games, this list will only contain one game from a particular series.

  1. Batman Arkham Knight

This is the hands down the best Batman game ever made. Rocksteady has gotten more right with this instalment in the Arkham series than they got wrong. The massive open world that you can explore with the Batmobile, all of the different gadgets that Batman uses are creative and unique and all of the characters we’ve come to love in a quite compelling story. The gritty world with absolutely stunning graphics is a joy to look at and blends perfectly with the narrative. All in all, a great game with lots to do even far after the main story is done.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V

Everyone knows it. Grand Theft Auto is one of those games that always manages to blow everyone’s expectations out of the water with every release. GTA V is no exception, Rockstar studios’ version of Los Angeles and all of the content they’ve managed to cram in here is nothing short of spectacular. The attention to detail and the attention to the larger picture, it’s all here. Every time you start playing, you get lost in the game for hours on end. If that doesn’t scream amazing game I don’t know what will.

  1. Half-Life 2

The half-life series is one of those rare instances when a game is so popular that it becomes a cult classic but it has all the reasons to be one. Everything about this game is exquisite, from the beautiful environments to the immersive graphics. It’s a game that lets you take everything about its world for granted and succeed in doing it. Fans of the franchise have been frantically trying to get a sequel made to a point where it became an internet phenomenon.

  1. Fortnite

Even though this game is relatively brand new, it has made such a big splash in the gaming community that it has to be considered. An online multiplayer battle royale style shoot ‘em game with cartoonish graphics and fun mechanics is way more fun than it has any right to be. It has gotten so popular that celebrities have joined in on the fun and a competitive fortnite scene is on the horizon. It can only get better from here for fortnite.

  1. Dark Souls 2

This is the pinnacle of AAA style rage quit games. It has got the ‘I want to bang my head against the keyboard’ hardness level of indie games with the graphics of a modern high budget video game all while being fun. It is quite an achievement and one of the best games ever made.

Honourable Mentions: Bioshock, Assassins Creed, Need For Speed, Elder Scrolls, Call Of Duty

This article is very subjective and does not necessarily reflect everyone’s views.

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