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Welcome to 3GEM Studios, a place where you can find all your entertainment news in one convenient location. What do we mean by entertainment, you say? Well, here you will find all the latest in video games, movies, TV, tech, and more, all rolled into one.

So here’s a bit about us: 3GEM Studios was founded in Guelph, Ontario, Canada by two friends with a combined 10 years of experience in the video game, movie, and TV industries. The name, 3GEM, can be broken down into two parts: the 3 represents our core virtues- to entertain, to inform, and to engage; the GEM (apart from sounding pretty sweet) stands for Games & Entertainment Magazine.

So now that you’ve heard about us, we would like to hear about you. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever the kids are doing these days to stay on top of all the latest 3GEM developments. We hope you enjoy your time here at 3GEM Studios!

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  • Sean Robinson

    President / Producer

    Ever since I was a little boy (you just read that as Morgan Freeman) I can remember the excitement of picking up my first controller and playing games with my dad. Since then there has been such a strong passion to continue gaming. The passion didn’t die there, though — after going through high school with large interest in film and broadcasting. I continued onto post secondary school to not only learn but understand the many aspects of broadcasting. Which brings me here, to 3GEM. A place developed to share both the passions and opinions for both the gaming and film industry located right here in Canada.

  • Eric Holmes

    Vice President | Web Guy

    I’ve always been an avid gamer, and interested in the growing community that has followed my beautiful hobby. My profession as a web developer allowed us to create a growing community where we can discuss gaming, film, and television with fresh eyes and opinions. Thank you for checking us out!

  • Taylor Robinson



  • David Armstrong

    Community Manager

    Coming soon

  • Greg Chisholm

    Screen Content Producer

    Greg joined 3GEM in 2013 as a movie reviewer. Greg is a writer of short stories and fan fiction and has been for 12 years. Prior to joining 3GEM Greg was a regular hockey blogger on several websites and message boards. Follow Greg on Twitter @3GEMGreg.

  • Steve Ulrich

    Social Media Manager

    Steve is a new media professional with 6+ years of industry experience and a strong passion for all forms of entertainment media. A graduate of Seneca College’s Creative Advertising Program as well as Fanshawe College’s Television broadcasting program, social media and new media engagement is something he’s very familiar with and actively engaged in. Steve’s excitement and enthusiasm to interact and engage with other fanatics of entertainment media, is what brought him to the 3GEM Social Media Team.

  • Roger Sararas


    Hi my name is Roger. I love gaming, I love comics and I love lamp. I like really love lamp. Some of my favourite games are: Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, The Mass Effect Series, The Last Of Us,  Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Mortal Kombat. Some of my favourite super heroes are: Thor, Deadpool, Spiderman and The Hulk. In my spare time I do DDPYoga, play lots of video games, binge on Netflix, watch hockey and eventually be disappointed in the Toronto Maple Leafs. I really  really really really love lamp.

  • Bill Vassar


    Bill is a movie critic for 3Gem Studios. He has written articles and essays on the subject of film for various blogs and student publications. A native of Maine, Bill received his Bachelor’s Degree from the New England School of Communications, where he majored in communications. Apart from watching movies, in his spare time he enjoys yoga and playing video games.

  • Stefan Barrette


    Born in Montreal, QC. on September 21st 1990, Stefan has spent a good portion of his life playing video games. After discovering Sonic the Hedgehog 2 at a friend’s house and buying a Sega Genesis, he began his long love affair with gaming, first starting with Adventure games and RPG’s and eventually moving on to Shooters, Action and Strategy games. Moving often during his life all across Canada, from Quebec to BC and finally to Ontario, video games became a way to stay in touch with and make new friends while in unfamiliar environments. Though it is his second language, Stefan was fascinated with English from a young age and eventually became fully bilingual at the age of 12. Despite having little interest in creative writing, he has always enjoyed essay writing and critical analysis. Today, he can usually be found playing Destiny under the PSN Gamertag ApplebyMcFridays.

  • Alexandre Cote

    Coming soon

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