Where have we been?


Well, It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

A few articles here and there, but not that consistent content you were used to. It’s not that we didn’t want to produce content for you all to enjoy. It’s that we couldn’t. Between Myself, Our Editor, and Our Web Developer. 2017 has been less than extraordinary. For reasons left best defined as “personal loss”, the team went into a bit of a purgatory state. Yes, we are a small team, but we all depend on each other to get things done. We do this because we love gaming, television, and film. However, when life throws curve balls at you, sometimes they are hard to avoid. We apologize to the faithful followers who haven’t had the chance to devour some content in a while. We ensured that in the time we were away, we were able to cover E3 and a few big topics but it wasn’t nearly enough and we are sorry.

So here is what’s in the works!

Actual Reviews – yes, they are back.
Our team is currently working on a few Top 10 Lists – Sure there are websites that already do that, but who cares! We have opinions too!
News posting -Bare with us, this one will take a bit.
Podcast – YES, you read that right! We have recorded 15 so far, and we would love for you to listen! In fact, going forward, we will post each new episode for you all to enjoy.

From all of us, we are happy to be back and ready to give you the best content we have to date!

Thank you for all of your support and game on!