Top 10 Video Game Inspired Costumes

Top 10 Video Game Inspired Costumes

Once a year the calendar flips to October, and for many of you out there, panic begins to set in as you don’t have the perfect costume. Well, worry not, faithful readers, we here at 3GEM have compiled our top ten favourite gaming inspired costumes found all over the internet!

10. Mario and Luigi 


Mario and Luigi have easily become one of  the most popular costume available for adults and children everywhere.

9. Mortal Kombat Characters


Finish him…or her!

8. Pokemon characters


Whether it’s a couples costume of Team Rocket or an individual costume of Ash with his Pikachu. The evolving world of Pokemon has you covered!

7. Lara Croft ( Tomb Raider )


Feeling like a bad ass this Halloween? Why not become one of gaming’s leading ladies.

6. Pac Man Machine


This costume can actually house any game of choice, but extra points for this classic!

5.  Yuna ( Final Fantasy X) 

cosplay - Yuna Gunner _ Final Fantasy X-2-1

Why not take a trip down memory lane with this iconic female character from Final Fantasy X

4. A Sim


By far the easiest costume on this list. Well, this depends on whether if you want to be an out of the shower Sim or one simply with funky clothes and an icon over your head.

3. Princess Zelda and Link


Want to win best couples costume this year? Here is your best shot. This instant crowd pleaser is a must for any Zelda fan!

2. Mega Man


Need I say anything about this masterpiece? Please excuse me as I ask my mom to make my costume for this Halloween.

1. Duck Hunt


This costume actually has everything from a NES gun to the sky plastered over an umbrella. Well done!


So that rounds up the top ten costumes we found. If you don’t agree or found one better add it to the comments below.

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