Rant: Why I’m Not Seeing the Ghostbusters “Reboot”

The good thing about writing for this website is that when I’m upset (or angry) about something, I can write about it.  It’s good to have a platform in which I can share my opinion on.  

What I’m upset about recently is the Ghostbusters Reboot.


Firstly, why is it called a “reboot”? At the beginning of the trailer it says 30 years later. Now, maybe I’m crazy, but aren’t reboots not supposed to happen after the original movie? That makes it a sequel! Setting this movie 30 years later connects it directly to the original movie, which this steaming pile of garbage should not even be allowed to touch.

The trailer did not impress me at all. The art style I’m not digging – the CGI is garbage. Where is the realism? Also, an all female cast? Why? What demographic are they trying to cater to? No real fans of the franchise want to see an all-female cast. They want to see the original cast (RIP Egon), and if not the original cast, at least something that isn’t geared towards pre-teen girls. Speaking of the characters, why are all of the white women intelligent “with this science stuff”, while the African American woman is “street smart” and not scientific. Really, Sony? In 2016? Who wrote this crap?  On top of that, Melissa McCarthy is NOT FUNNY.  She is like Michael Cera – she plays the same role in every movie. It’s looking like she will play a lead part in the movie, too, which is a joke.  Speaking of jokes, not a single one in the trailer was even a little funny. The jokes to me were poorly written, forced, and just plain stupid. Which brings me back to Melissa McCarthy – YOU’RE NOT FUNNY. One reason the original Ghostbusters was so successful was because of Bill Murray. Murray was comic gold in both films. Melissa McCarthy is not, nor will ever be, like Bill Murray. Come on, Sony.

Another reason I do not want to see this movie, and why you shouldn’t either, is because it will rely heavily on nostalgia. Please Hollywood, stop digging up my childhood, spitting on it, then burying it again. It looks like the movie will steal some of the story of the old franchise, yet completely ditch the humour that made it so great. No one wants to see the same old recycled story of an old franchise, they want something original, something that doesn’t insult our intelligence. Something good. There’s just so many things that are going to be wrong with this movie.

I genuinely hope this movie flops. To anyone reading this: I’m begging you, don’t see this movie. Do not give Sony a reason to make a sequel. If you want a Ghostbusters sequel, go purchase Ghostbusters: The Video Game that got released in 2009. It is an incredible game, and it alone is more of a movie sequel than this piece of trash “reboot” could ever be. It can be purchased for $10.99 on Steam, which is conveniently similar to the price of a movie ticket… But it will actually be worth your time.


Editor’s Note: The views presented in this article are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of 3GEM Studios.