News: Nintendo 3DS Direct 9.1.2016 – What you missed

While everyone seemingly woke up to both a new day and month. Gamers, specifically Nintendo crazed fans woke up with anticipation as the latest news was about to break for some of the company’s upcoming titles.

Pokemmon Sun moon


Pokémon Sun & Moon

Probably Nintendo’s most anticipated release this year will come out via the 3DS. Pokémon Sun & Moon are boasting beautiful graphics and of course many new Pokémon. We also get to see new animations with your new favourite starters; the grass quill Pokémon Rowlet, the fire cat Pokémon Litten and of course the sea lion Pokémon Popplio. Additionally, we are treated to seeing some of the new regionally adapted Pokémon with some animation, opposed to the still images that have been floating around. Now if you are like me and still struggle with new elements to battle, this next part may intimidate you. Sun & Moon have both introduced the battle mechanic “ Z Moves” which is a powerful attack that is used by both Pokémon and trainer to deliver a devastating blow to your opponent. The type of “z-move” that can be used depends on which type of z-crystal is given to each Pokémon. This no doubt increases the strategy element when going into battle. Finally, there is an early purchase bonus valid until January 1st, 2017 and it’s Munchlax, the pre-evolved state of Snorlax.

Available November 18th, 2016



Super Mario Maker 3DS

Pretty self-explanatory really, the wildly popular game for the Wii U has been ported to the 3DS. Now, it looks and feels just like the original version with some added bonuses. Upon Launch Nintendo has already pre-loaded 100 original levels to play right out of the box. You can play and enjoy levels created via the Wii U version as well. Do you like online play? Of course you do, this is where Super Mario Maker on the 3DS can and will shine. Courses you make can be shared via the local wireless and streetpass functions. This will allow players to develop a more intimate and local playing community.

Available December 2nd, 2016


Mario Party – Star Rush

Sounds frantic!
Immediately we are introduced to the newest mode in Mario Party, the Toad Scramble. Players can now move simultaneously as players can all roll dice and work towards getting to bosses at the same time. Getting there first doesn’t mean you will win the game. Once other players catch up they can join in the fun and try and win. 7 modes will be available to party with your friends and favourite characters. The game will also feature amiibo integration, allowing you to use amiibo from the Super Mario series. As an added bonus, if you download the free Mario Party Star Rush player guest addition from the e-shop, you will be able to play 4 player multiplayer using one full version of the game and having no limitations!

Available: November 4th, 2016


Animal Crossing New Leaf

Adding an update to the 2013 release. Introducing amiibo support and additional new features allowing you to expand your town’s horizons.

I’m sure many fans of the series will love the added content.

Available: December 2016



Streetpass: Mii Plaza ( Updates)

Nintendo finally released an update to everyone’s favourite mini-game collection in hopes to make the game quicker and smoother. Introducing quick pass, which allows you to streamline the sometimes daunting task of letting all passers-by Mii’s to enter your plaza. Greeting messages have been simplified and loading times promise to be quicker. Let’s just hope this applies to puzzle pieces too!

Mii Plaza Premium is also expanding the amount of people that can be waiting at your gate. Once updated you can have up to 100 people waiting outside your plaza in hopes to share puzzle pieces and help with mini games. Speaking of which, streetpass will be adding five new mini-games and to top it off, the e-shop will allow you to download one of either Slot Car Rivals or Market Crashers absolutely free.



Tank Troopers

A simplistic looking tank vs tank game with a little twist. Choosing your tank operator determines which special ability you can have in battle. Having the special ability to freeze an opponent, make them blind using paint or use an electric shock to render them useless. Tank troopers looks like fun play. Having the ability to play online in a 6 person tank battle doesn’t hurt either.

Available: Winter 2016




Nintendo is attempting to do a spotlight launch for its upcoming indie titles. Available each Thursday this September for an introductory price, Nintendo will also be running a contest over the next two weeks for your chances to win all 5 titles absolutely free.

You can start off today by purchasing your copy of Axiom Verge. Remember to use the hashtag #nindies


Hyrule Warriors Legends ( 3rd DLC )

Getting a quick glimpse at what’s to come in the franchise leaves use with little questions in regards to where the game can go. As we are in awe of some of the latest features, we thought we would let you just watch the trailer.

Available: Today



Dragon quest VIII:  Return of the Cursed King

Slated to drop in 2017, this remaster is making it’s way to the 3DS soon and it looks incredible. Hoping to gain momentum on nostalgia alone, this former top 100 game will once again undoubtedly make its way into our hearts!



Sonic Boom : Fire and Ice

Based off the series Sonic Boom, players are entering another fast paced, player swapping world, where the elements of fire and ice are a factor. This adrenaline-filled Sonic game and its characters will speed their way onto way to your 3DS later this month. The North American Launch edition also comes with a 3 episode Sonic Boom DVD.

Available: September 27th



Poochy & Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS

New features and every single stage from the Wii U, sign me up! Being a fan of all things Yoshi, this may sound a little biased. But what a fantastically beautiful game with added poochy mini games! It gets better! Nintendo is also releasing a poochy amiibo to go with the game’s release.

Additionally, with the help of the animation studio Dwarf. Get ready for an animated mini-series starring our two favourite wool characters! Keep an eye out for them!

Available: February 3rd, 2017



Mario Sports – Superstars

You guessed it, another Mario sports game. This one includes the sports Soccer, Baseball, Horse racing and with two Mario classics Golf and Tennis.

Each sport will offer single-player tournaments and online play. But that’s not all, at first you would think this is a watered down mini game compilation. Nope, developers made sure that each and every mode had both real rules and strategies, paired in some Mario-style power-ups of course.

Available: Spring 2017



Pikmin ( name not announced )  

Pikmin will be getting its first 2D side-scrolling adventure, available on the 3DS. Join captain Olimar on his latest adventure as he travels through puzzle filled worlds with his allied Pikmin. Created with speed in mind, Pikmin latest adventure will be designed to push players to the limit as you strategically make your way around worlds.

Although unnamed at this point, we do know that Pikmin will be released in 2017

So there you have it, another Nintendo Direct has come and gone. What was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!