For Honor – Early Impressions

This past weekend, nxtgem was given the opportunity to participate in the first closed alpha for Ubisoft’s upcoming new IP, For Honor. Since being announced back at E3 2015, For Honor has been met with mixed enthusiasm, some praise it for looking to be something new, while others dismiss it as not interesting enough to warrant the hype. Up until now, it’s been all game trailers and demo’s, but now after being given the chance to spend some time with the game, even in it’s early stages I can safely say For Honor is now heavily planted on my radar

The game plays like an interesting mix of different games, helping to create something fresh and exciting. I saw bits of games like Dynasty Warriors, with battlefields littered with cannon fodder AI warriors to slay and warrior officers who are powerful and stand out from the crowd, while also showing glimpses of more popular multiplayer games such as Call Of Duty with its “capture and hold areas” game modes, being able to play both vs AI and other human players. The gameplay is fast-paced and strategic, offering a fantastic sense of accomplishment when you manage to fell an enemy combatant.
By far the most exciting game mode is the simple 1v1 “Duel”, which again you can play vs AI or another player. These duels are intense and fun, a best-of 5 series with the winner being the first warrior to land 3 killing blows. Combat is brilliant, using an interesting mix of different stances and strikes to out think the opponent, in a very rock/paper-scissor’s kind of set up that requires not only fast reflexes, but also the planning out of each attack and where you are on the battlefield.
The Alpha offered up 6 different characters to play as, 2 from each of the 3 different era’s. You have medieval Knights, Ancient Samurai and Viking Warriors, and each subclass plays vastly different, with some of them being slow, heavy hitting brutes, and others being swift and agile strikers. The combination and how you fight each of these warriors adds a really interesting strategic dynamic to the game, even in these early stages.
Another really impressive feature is the customization. You are able to change the color and patterns on your warrior, upgrade different pieces of armor and the sections of your weapons such as blades and hilts. This led to seeing a lot of cool looking combinations on the battlefield, and really gave you a sense of intimidation when you see really powerful and cool looking enemies walking your way, ready to land the killing blow.
Server’s held up well throughout the course of the closed Alpha, and we expect them to have a few more stress tests performed in the coming months leading up to it’s February 2017 launch, and I have to say for a game that I had zero interest in beforehand, consider For Honor to be sitting high on my list of most anticipated games of next year!.
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