Henry Cavill teases Black Superman Suit

Justice League star Henry Cavill took to Instagram this afternoon to tease a shot from the new black Superman suit from the comic book showcasing his return from the dead.



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Little is known about the upcoming Justice League movie, set to hit theaters in late 2017, however the buzz for the movie has only gotten stronger with fans following the comic-con trailer and the success of Suicide Squad at the box office.

The black suit was made famous in the comic books during The Return of Superman as a follow up to The Death of Superman and A World Without Superman. The special suit was made by Kyptonian robots at the fortress of solitude, with the ability to draw strength from the sun to help regenerate Superman to full strength.

In the comic the suit was used, along with a gun that fired energy derived from Krypronite to defeat a clone of Superman. Little is know about how Superman will factor into the Justice League yet, but he will return in the movie to help take down the villain.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017,