REVIEW: Squids Odyssey

REVIEW: Squids Odyssey

An epic, inky adventure.

I’m pretty certain that no one ever thought of saving the world with a team of super squid heroes. Here we have a particular piece of originality mixed with some nice turn-based action. Freeing the sea from corrupted crabs and shrimps, will Steev (our hero) and bunch of friends who we get to discover through the game be up to the challenge? Your nemesis, an infectious black ooze, is attacking and trying to take over their sea, corrupting and changing everything. This action-packed, turn-based RPG/action game will certainly catch your attention for its creativity and subtle challenge.

One of the best things about Squids Odyssey is that it can be played very easily and efficiently on just the GamePad. Of course, it looks awesome on a TV with all the colour and the screen being much bigger and clearer, but it doesn’t necessarily require all your attention, so being able to watch something at the same time is really cool. It feels as if the game was created for the GamePad.

The controls are quite easy and reliable, and it is possible for you to use the stylus. It doesn’t matter if you play on the TV or not, the controls don’t change, so it’s really up to you on how you want to experience your squid battling.

A fun and surprisingly deep RPG.

A fun and surprisingly deep RPG.

The characters are colourful creations and are all good-looking heroes. There’s a surprising amount of quality for such a little game. The music and sounds are funny at the beginning but rapidly get repetitive; it’s a good thing you don’t really require them to play. If they get on your nerves, just shut ‘em off!

There is always more than one way to get through the level even though there is most likely only one objective. This means you get to make use of the many different characters and items to find your own way to the end goal. You unlock these in the game store, which then lets you choose your build for the following levels. Get some pearls (currency) by completing the level and use them to buy what you want. Some levels unlock specific things, so it’s usually a good idea to swoop in there on a regular basis to pick up the shiniest, newly available toys.

The visuals are sharp and charming.

The visuals are sharp and charming.

The overall game duration is acceptable; on the other hand, its repetitiveness is less forgiving. These types of games all have the same problem, but if you’re a fan of this game and its uniqueness, you’ll assuredly enjoy the multiple levels and the variety of objectives. The level-by-level system is really convenient when you want to play only a few minutes or a few levels. If you have five minutes to kill waiting for something or just have them free to spend, well, just start up your system and play a level.

In the end this game won’t change the world, but it is a good asset for only $14.99. It will give you a good little challenge and a lot of hours of gameplay – even more if you’re the type of player that always tries to get the best score possible and unlock everything. I can’t say that it’s a hard game, but it’s certainly a funny one. So fire up your console, reunite a bunch of unlikely squid heroes, and go save that sea!

This review is based on Squids Odyssey for the Wii U eShop. The game was provided to 3GEM by the publisher.

The Verdict

Gameplay: 7.5

A tad repetitive but the game is a blast on the gameplay.

Presentation: 6.5

The visuals are nice but the sound design is a bit bland.

Value: 7.0

Good length at a good price.

Overall Score

*Overall score is not an average.