Review: Resident Evil: Revelations

Review: Resident Evil: Revelations

Another Resident Evil, another disappointment.

For years now Capcom has been producing more and more Resident Evil games without doing anything new with them. Resident Evil: Revelations holds true to what we have seen in the past few years. If you were looking for a game of the year, this is definitely not it.

Let’s first note that the game was ported from the 3DS to consoles and then to the PC. While that may sound like a good idea, it unfortunately feels like a port, and has seemingly seen no improvements to what it was on the Nintendo 3DS.

As you can expect from Resident Evil games, you are in an action game with access to different weapons and limited ammo. You also play as iconic characters through a specific story. It does not disappoint on that side. However, while there are some elements that make the game a bit more interesting (like weapon customization) the rest is unfortunately the same old gameplay we are already used to. The A.I. is predictable, and while your partner does sometimes help out, they’re not of much assistance.

Freeze… thing!

Beside the campaign, you have a multiplayer segment called Raid Mode. That part makes up for the lack of diversity in the single player mode, so much so that you will find yourself playing more of the multiplayer aspect of the game than the campaign itself.

The story is interesting if you can get through the TV-series-like episodes, with reviews of what happened previously between each episode. It does not add to the story or the gameplay. It would have felt less out of place had the game been released one episode at a time. You will rapidly encounter another aspect of the game that can be more displeasing. While you do learn of the events surrounding the setting of the game, you always end up exploring the same place in small fragments. It may feel a bit annoying to go through, as you would like to make it to the end, but it has its place in helping to break up the monotony of the setting.

Run Jill!

Another point to bring up is the diversity of characters you encounter and play. It might not always be the best, as some of them are rather unassuming and could have used a bit more work on them. But for the fans, playing as Jill and Chris is very welcome. Their partners are interesting because of their backstories and the overall conversations you get to witness.

All this takes place through a gloomy atmosphere, in a ghost ship full of Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W’s) that are all similar and lack some proper mutations. The score is R.E.-like and will not feel out of place. The music tends to ruin the element of surprise, and makes the game easier overall. Play without sound if you want a bit of a surprise, as you will not hear what obviously signals the arrival of a B.O.W. Graphics are not what you would hope of the game either. They are outdated and just an HD enhancement to the 3DS graphics. You will not be stunned by them.

This game is not cheap for a port. You will need to spend $49.99 for a game that was released over a year ago on the 3DS. It does not feel justified, particularly when you’ll need to spend more money to get your hands on the DLC.

Overall, it’s not a bad game, but it can get redundant and predictable. The story is the main redeeming point of the port, as you are otherwise just playing what everyone else played a year ago.

This review is based on the Wii U version of Resident Evil: Revelations. Also available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The Verdict

Gameplay: 6.5

Same old Resident Evil gameplay.

Presentation: 8.0

A great story in a very fitting and original setting.

Value: 5.0

Not a whole lot more content than the 3DS original. Also for a remake this game is way overpriced.

Overall Score

*Overall score is not an average.