Review: Pokémon Go

Review: Pokémon Go

Gotta catch them all, again.

Right now I am sitting waiting for my friend to be able to go for a pokewalk (I should coin that term).  Pokémon Go has taken everyone by storm just like the original red and blue Pokémon games did all those years ago when I was much younger.  Pokémon Go has made Pokémon relevant for people like me all over again. I sadly have never owned a DS so I haven’t been able to experience a game in years, other than the odd experience on a friends console.  Pokémon Go uses your GPS and your camera to put Pokémon, Pokéstops, and Pokémon gyms in your game for you to explore. Pokémon can literally be found everywhere in the world around you. Pokéstops are stops in which you can get Pokéballs (there’s 3 kinds of Pokéballs), berries to calm down harder Pokémon to catch, eggs that Pokémon hatch from, lures to lure Pokémon to a certain location and other useful items. Now, Pokéstops aren’t just for collecting items. They are also a very popular location to drop lures to attract various Pokémon over a thirty minute period.



First the bad.  This game has incredibly unstable servers right now because of the amount of people playing the game. It is understandable as it’s been reported that this game is the most popular mobile game of all time. The game also suffers from a lot of crashing. There’s been a few times that I’ve caught a Pokémon and the game crashed after I caught it.   I’m still mad about the fact that I lost a Squirtle because of the game crashing. On the bright side,  I did end up finding a Wartortle so it made the initial loss a little bit better.  The last flaw that the game has is it’s incredibly vanilla. There’s no trading Pokémon between friends, there’s no Pokémon battles between friends, your Pokémon don’t learn new moves only when they evolve and there’s no true way to actually train your Pokémon. The way they evolve is you have to catch more of the same type of Pokémon you want to evolve then chose the best one to evolve and it evolves.  All these flaws however, don’t take you away from playing this game.

You actually feel like a real Pokémon trainer walking around searching for Pokémon, which is a good thing.  I wish they made something like this years ago. The physical activity aspect of the game is amazing to me. People that normally wouldn’t be active are getting off of their couches and going outside to search for Pokémon. I know if this existed years ago when I was still overweight this would have made me lose weight a lot quicker.  In a time that obesity is common, this could be an excellent tool to get people into shape. Hell in the last two weeks, I’ve walked around my neighbourhood more than I ever have.  The social aspect is the most amazing thing about this game. The social aspect was immediately amplified when the game forces you to pick a faction in order to battle in gyms. This has caused friendly competition within the playing community and I for one, have never seen so many people playing a game. At any Pokéstops you can see all kinds of people looking for Pokémon just like you. Many times people have started conversations with me just because they knew I was playing Pokémon.  Everyone I’ve came across has been so friendly. It’s bringing people of all walks of life together and right now, we need that more than ever. People have come out and have talked about how the game has helped them with society anxieties. Any game that helps people improves lives in one way or another should be celebrated.

The Verdict

Gameplay: 8

While playing, you really do feel like you’re collecting Pokémon.

Presentation: 6

Nothing special here, however it doesn’t need to be.

Value: 10

The possible updates of Pokémon trading in the future, you’ll want to stick around and catch them all.

Overall Score

*Overall score is not an average.