Review: King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North: Ice and Fire

Review: King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North: Ice and Fire

Hot and cold.

My latest adventure happened to be with Vikings in the game called King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North. More specifically, it was in 1C Company’s latest DLC called Ice and Fire – or should I say expansion, since it is so much more than just a simple DLC?

Let’s talk about King’s Bounty first. If you have never played the game, you have to know what it is about. You play as a hero who goes on a quest throughout different lands. You raise an army to help you, and that army accompanies you in battle wherever you go. You can have different troops and races as well as animals and other creatures. The combat system is all turn-based; you will move your army troops and use spells and different troop’s abilities in combat. You are not limited to a specific number of actions each turn, and you don’t have a place to defend either. You are defeated when your troops are depleted in combat, which can easily happen if you are not careful about whom you battle. The entire open world portion is just you roaming around and talking to NPCs or doing quests. There you will be able to hunt down enemies and other heroes and their armies, as well as gain items and other goodies that you will discover while exploring. These can include gold, runes, items, and more.

Ice and Fire is the latest expansion to King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North.

Ice and Fire does not bring you back to where you left Olaf after the events of Warriors of the North. Instead, it changes and reworks parts of Warriors of the North. First is the creature skill system. That system actually makes your creatures gain experience and level up in fights. They gain experience by doing actions and killing enemies. You can get creatures to level up to level 10, which makes them more powerful and boosts most of their stats on each level. To complement the creature skill system, you will see a revamp of the creatures of King’s Bounty. Ice and Fire is not simply a continuation – you’ll be redoing parts of the game with added quests and stories. Because of this, you will most likely want to just play with Ice and Fire enabled. You’ll still have the option to play the original game if you so desire, though.

The game graphics and style have been revamped, which is an appropriate move to bring players back to a year-and-a-half-old game. It will not change how you play, but it sure does look better in battle. What will change your way of playing are all the new creatures that were added, including snow elves and necrolizards. While I would not necessarily replay King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North and redo all the quests to see the newer ones, I did appreciate the fact that the new creatures bring forth a different experience. As such, I could use different strategies and explore using more of the other creatures instead of what I would have done otherwise. It will be difficult for you to remember which part is the base game and which part is the Ice and Fire  DLC. The only big thing that you’ll notice right away will be a quest to the elves and Ice Garden, which is the new region you will most likely want to get to instead of redoing everything. That will take some time to reach, though, since you won’t be able to progress there until you can get to the elves. It can be painful to redo everything even though there was a new quest added in the main story line as well as some new side quests as well. Since it’s really hard to tell what’s really different from before and since the main storyline takes a while to do, you won’t notice the changes as much save perhaps noticing that you have a bit more to do.

The expansion is more of a revamp than a continuation.

Ice and Fire is definitely an interesting DLC and is rather cheap, too. If you consider that you are adding many more quests, some which will make the storyline a bit less familiar, with another main quest line to bring you to the new locations and tons of other things like items, creatures, and a bit of a graphic revamp, the price seems reasonable. And don’t forget about the creature skill system which makes your troops all the more valuable and gives you incentive to keep them alive instead of just paying for new ones every time. But the DLC is also a chore, as you have to replay everything again instead of just going back to do a new adventure after the undead problems of Warriors of the North.  If you enjoyed Warriors of the North  and wouldn’t mind replaying it with the extra content, the Ice and Fire  DLC might be just what you’re looking for.

This review is based a copy of King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North: Ice and Fire for the PC provided to 3GEM by the publisher.

The Verdict

Gameplay: 7.0

The new creature system is a nice addition.

Presentation: 6.0

Clearly an older game.

Value: 7.0

Pretty inexpensive but you do have to replay most of the game.

Overall Score

*Overall score is not an average.