Preview: Project Giant Robot

Project Giant Robot is an aptly named pet project of the one and only Mr. Miyamoto. The game has you take the helm of a giant robot, and, naturally, pits you against other giant robots. The game is played entirely through the game pad, as it acts as the cockpit of your steel champion. Displayed on your television is the battle from a third person perspective. It seemed promising at first glance, but after playing for a moment I was not overly impressed.


Project Giant Robot


The fight itself felt very, very clunky and slow, and utterly underwhelming. Before the fight you get to choose how to proportion your robot in an attempt to make it as stable as possible. Gyro sensors in the game pad are used to look around, shoulder buttons to advance or retreat, and left and right analog sticks to control the left and right arms of your metal beast. The proportioning is a cool idea, and the controls were responsive enough, but again, the gameplay was very lackluster, and, dare I say, boring.


Project Giant Robot

It is very important to note that the game is still in VERY early development,

and it was only at the media event as a teaser. I’m sure by the time it is

done it will look and feel very different than it did when I played it. And if

I know anything about Miyamoto’s magic (and I don’t know a thing), I’m

sure he has many tricks up his sleeve, and plans that will allow this game

to live up to its potential. Here’s hoping.