Preview: Forza Horizon 3

Preview: Forza Horizon 3

Nine minutes was all that I needed to fall completely in love with the latest installment of this open world racer. Now with that being said, the demo provided to us at X16CA was as both exciting as diverse. When you sit down to play the Horizon 3 demo it is comprised of three segments and each is containing a key element to the Forza experience. The game starts off with you selecting a luxury car, checking out its sweet details and hitting the roads of Australia. Now parts one and two felt very similar to Horizon’s iconic road trips, lot’s of driving and no real racing.

Forza Horizon 3 Chopper Buggy

Part one was on the open road, frantically passing other racers while heading towards the target destination. Part two seemingly interjects itself into the demo experience as you now have taken over a 4×4, hellbent on getting to the destination by ripping through some of Australia’s toughest terrain. Finally, we reach the destination which just happens to be an elaborate special event.

Forza Horizon 3 Forzavista Engine

True to Horizon’s extravagant fashion, this event has you racing a Jeep dangling from the bottom of a helicopter. While I’m trying to not get caught up on the events that occurred during the demo. I can’t forget how stunning the game looked. From the smallest details on each vehicle to the crystal clear water, the game was truly beautiful. If visuals aren’t enough, the game handled crisp and fluid. While this is the fourth installment of the Forza IP on the Xbox One, we have come to expect a very responsive and clear cut control scheme and once again the game doesn’t disappoint. From the force feedback in the controller’s triggers to the games need for precise movements of the left stick, Forza Horizon 3 feels more realistic than ever; even if it’s meant to be the more arcade style brother of the popular simulator.



Check back with us closer to Horizon’s release for a full review.
Forza Horizon 3 is slated to hit stores September 27th!