Preview: Fantasy Life

Preview: Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life is a 3DS game from E3 which I had forgotten about. Forgetting about this game was quite a bad thing to do actually because I was impressed with what little I could play of it. The game had more depth than I had expected and the customization options were impressive. This game is definitely a title that I will look for upon release.


Fantasy Life


I saw very little of the game itself. For the small about of the game I was able to play, there was a lot of talking with NPC, yet it was already very diverse just from creating your character. The character itself had access to over 10 different jobs. Each job having its own things to do. Classic jobs like paladin, mage or healer were available, however it was interesting to see crafting jobs and other unique roles offered. This variety made the game not just about fighting but also about various aspects of many fantasy stories which most games do not often focus upon.The character creation also takes you through steps similar to creating a Mii, with the options just as diversified, if not more. With the depth of the character creator it seems that any type of character can be made. I was almost tempted to spend all my time just creating characters.


The game allowed you to have several save files which will help in discovering everything that can be done within the game. I’m looking forward to discovering more of this game when it is released.

Fantasy Life will be available on the 3DS and set to release on October 24th 2014 in North America.