Friday Top 10: Best Couples in Gaming

Friday Top 10: Best Couples in Gaming

The best pixelated couples.

February 14th is a day that means different things to different people. For some, its just another day of the week or maybe laundry day, but for most it’s Valentine’s Day; a day where either you’re in love or in need of it. Love is universal and transcends race, gender, and all forms of media. We even have the love of our pets to look forward to every time we come home (except for maybe our jerk cats). So in honor of this special day, we’ve given you a special two-part Friday Top 10; you’ve seen our Top 10 Rom-Coms, now check out our Top 10 Couples in Gaming! You hear that? That’s the sound of falling in love.

10 – Pac-Man + Ms. Pac-Man (Pac-Man)

One of the Original gaming couples, The Pac-Mans have been smitten with each other since the early 80s and show no sign of letting that passion die!

Bit love.

9 – Ico + Yorda (Ico)

Ico  is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful games ever made; its unique art style and stunning game world still hold up well to this day. But it’s the relationship between the horned boy Ico and the ghostly Yorda that really captivated gamers. As you lead her by the hand through the hallowed halls of your castle prison, you’ll realize why they’re one of gaming’s great couples.

A hauntingly beautiful tale.

8 – Commander Shepard + EVERYONE! (Mass Effect)

Without a doubt, Mass Effect is one of the great new franchises of the last 10 years. The scope and scale of this massive trilogy has made it a fan favorite in the gaming world. Allowing you to create either a male or female Commander Shepard, the game sets you loose on your ship to mingle and mate with whoever your heart desires. You have everything from same-sex couples to encounters with members of alien species – nothing is off-limits aboard the Normandy,  and we love it that way!

That’s hawt.

7 – Nathan Drake + Elena Fisher (Uncharted)

These two make a great couple throughout the Uncharted trilogy, thanks in part to the great love/hate relationship they share. Its evident from the first game, they have an attraction, but seem to butt heads at every turn. It’s great to see them finally getting together for good for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Here’s hoping more from them in the upcoming, very secret new game!

That’s a good-looking couple.

6 – Master Chief + Cortana (Halo)

While not a couple in romantic terms, the heros of the Halo Universe sure have a great relationship that many would be envious about. Who knows, maybe Cortana and the Chief will hook up in a game down the road – stranger things have happened!

Is it wrong to love a machine?

5 – Cloud + Aeris (Final Fantasy VII)

Final Fantasy games have always been built on strong characters and even stronger relationships. Almost every adventure features a princess in distress and a love interest in one of the main characters. FF VII was no different and, being the first Final Fantasy game in 3D, the emotion we felt between our hero Cloud and the Midgar Flower girl Aeris was intense, right up until that sad, fateful moment that’s been burned into my mind forever. *TEAR*

Video games can make you cry.

4 – Solid Snake + Meryl (Metal Gear Solid)

The Metal Gear franchise is in my top three favorites of all time, so it should come as no surprise that these two made the list. Even back in the Playstation era, these two had eyes for each other and shared some steamy moments, but also realized their love could never be. Snake never forgot Meryl though, even throughout the years – when we finally meet back up with her in Metal Gear Solid 4, you can see the pain in Snake’s eyes as he learns she is set to be married. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

Who doesn’t love Solid Snake?

3 – Link + Zelda (The Legend Of  Zelda)

This franchise is one of the great staples of the house of N, and Link and Princess Zelda have been a power couple for decades. Though never “officially” a romantic couple, many games have hinted at that possible link (teehee) between the two. As the story of the Legend of Zelda takes place over thousands of years with different reincarnations of the two characters, we may never see true love blossom with two of our most beloved gaming icons.

The stuff fanboy (and girl) dreams are made of.

2 – Mario + Princess Peach (Super Mario)

Mario and the Princess: gaming’s most famous and popular couple. These two have been doing this old song and dance for so long now, it almost feels one-sided. The Princess gets in trouble and Mario, who obviously is quite smitten with her, heads off to face any and all dangers to get her back. His reward? A kiss on the cheek. You have to admit, he’s persistent! Hopefully some day down the road we’ll see these two crazy kids finally tie the knot, Nintendo-style!

As close as he ever got.

1 – Tidus + Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Final Fantasy X is, in my humble opinion, the BEST Final Fantasy game ever made. Why? IT’S SIMPLE! It’s all about the onscreen love between the two main characters, Tidus (a free-spirited Blitzball player who has been transported to the world of Spira) and Yuna (a gifted summoner on a quest to save the world from certain doom). Along the way, they share many hardships, laughs, and romantic moments, which culminate in a heart-wrenching finale that I won’t soon forget. The immense popularity of their love story pushed Square-Enix to make history and create the first ever TRUE sequel to a Final Fantasy game in which Yuna searches for clues to find her long lost love.

The best romance you can play.

Well, there you have it, folks: My top 10 Couples in Gaming. Obviously my list is my own, and I’m sure different people will have different opinions, but LOVE is in the air! So whatever you find yourself doing this February 14th, do it with love and keep on gaming!