Friday Top 10: Best Zombie Games

Friday Top 10: Best Zombie Games

The best of the undead.

In case you haven’t noticed with all the pumpkins and decorations, it’s Halloween. And in case you still haven’t noticed, zombies are still all the rage in 2013 thanks to shows like The Walking Dead. Well, we here at 3GEM love Halloween and zombies so much that we decided to devote this week’s top 10 entirely to the undead ghoul in your life. Our only rule? The game must feature actual zombies, so no necromorphs, headcrabs, or weird fungus-people here!  So without further ado, here are the top 10 Zombie games of all time.

10 – Zombi U

It’s really a shame more people aren’t buying Wii U consoles, as the system is home to perhaps one of the scariest games I have ever played. Zombi U puts you in the boots of a nameless soul who is tasked simply with surviving an undead-invested London. The game was unique not only for its fantastic Gamepad integration, but also for how it treated death. Once your character died in action, another survivor would simply take their place; if you wanted to get all your hard earned weapons, ammo, and precious health packs back, you would have to confront your zombified corpse and win it back.

Still probably one of the Wii U’s best.

9 – Plants VS. Zombies

Taking a tried-and-true formula like the tower defence genre and mixing it with something completely out of left field, Plants VS. Zombies became a worldwide phenomenon on the mobile stage, rivalled only by Angry Birds. The game was so popular, in fact, that it was soon ported to nearly every platform under the sun so that we could all tend to our gardens and ward off the undead hordes.

Who would have thought this concept could work?

8 – Dead Rising 2

While the first Dead Rising was notable for its over-the-top gameplay and tone, the second title in the series took things to a whole new level. Featuring more zombies, more costumes, more weapons, and, of course, more choices (strapping two chainsaws to a broom handle and then riding a motorcycle though undead masses? Classic). Here’s hoping Dead Rising 3 recaptures some of that magic for the launch of the Xbox One.

Bring it on!

7 – Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Nowadays, video games parodying films are practically a dime a dozen, but back in the 16-bit era this was nearly unheard of. Zombies Ate My Neighbours from LucasArts (RIP) was an overhead run-and-gun type game that lampooned B-horror flicks of the time that eventually, like the very movies it parodies, became a cult classic itself. Do yourself a favour and fire up the old Wii to give this hidden gem a download; it’s well worth your 800 Wii Points.

A true cult classic.

6 – Dead Head Fred

Another cult classic, Dead Head Fred for the PlayStation Portable puts you in the shoes of a zombie detective who has the ability to switch his head to solve puzzles and mysteries. The game not only featured a unique premise and fun gameplay, but was also renowned for its creative and hilarious writing. If you still have a PSP kicking around, definitely check out this title.

Hey look! Another cult classic!

5 – Call of Duty: Black Ops (Zombie Mode)

With its introduction in Call of Duty: World at War, the Zombies mode has quickly become a fan favourite. And why wouldn’t it? The addicting gameplay that tasks players who would normally be riddling each other with bullets with working together to survive as wave after wave of undead rush your encampment is just pure fun. While several titles in the series have featured Zombies to date, we here still think that Call of Duty: Black Ops’ undead are the best yet.

AHHH! Zombie Nazis!

4 – The Typing of the Dead

Featuring a concept as ridiculous as it sounds, The Typing of the Dead for the SEGA Dreamcast, Windows, and PlayStation 2 required you to type words as fast as possible to battle the shambling masses. What makes the game so fun is just how weird it is; I mean, where else can words like ‘daffodil’ fell a zombie, and your ability to survive isn’t based on your ammo count, but on how many words you can type per minute? Just when you thought this game was dead and gone, it seems like its rotting corpse has managed to pull itself out of its grave to wreak more undead havoc, as SEGA has released a keyboard-controlled version of The House of the Dead: Overkill. Re-named Typing of the Dead: Overkill, this game features the exact same charm that made the original Typing of the Dead so great!

Eat enormous hair!

3 – Left 4 Dead

Oh Valve, what have you unleashed? Left 4 Dead’s team-based antics have helped make it one of the more popular online shooters of this past generation. Featuring tons of modes, customizable gameplay, and surprisingly deep strategy, some gamers have begun turning Left 4 Dead into a verifiable e-sport. With rumours swirling of a potential third game in the series in the works, is it so hard to imagine this insanely fun multiplayer shooter making its way to a Steam Machine near you?

So. Much. Fun.

2 – Resident Evil

When you think of zombie games, you probably think of Resident Evil. While the more recent titles have been hit with mixed reviews, the original game for the PlayStation still stands tall as one of the best zombie games of all time. Set within an eerie mansion filled with all sorts of abominations, the setting for Resident Evil is essentially a haunted house come to life. Now if only Capcom could get it together and make a new game in the series that doesn’t feature convoluted and politicised plot lines, we’d be back on the right track.

Boom headshot!

1 – The Walking Dead

Video games based on licensed materials often get a bad rap, but man oh man did they ever make a name for themselves with TellTale’s interpretation of The Walking Dead. Featuring a story that’s as emotionally gut-wrenching as the TV show and characters that you actually care for, this episodic adventure stands toe-to-toe with the syndicated series. The game features some of the best stories based on zombies to come along in a long time, and definitely earns itself the title of best zombie game of all time.

As good as the TV show.

You’ve read our ghoulish picks, now we want to know yours. Sound off in the comments below!