E3 2016: Sony Conference

E3 2016: Sony Conference

The last conference before E3 begins is Sony and oh how they love their theatrics. The pre-show had a few announcements but the show started with a live orchestra. The orchestra played all the music during the conference.


Now to the gaming, it started with the new God of War 4. No date announced but a full live gameplay demo was presented.


Another surprise tonight is Days Gone! A new game that looks to be based on The Last of Us universe.


The Last Guardian is again part of the show and with an official release date: October 25th 2016.


If you what Horizon Zero Dawn might be, you will love this. A new trailer showing gameplay was introduced today with crafting and mounts. Best of all, the game is releasing on February 28th 2017.


The Sony conference had more exclusive to show us tonight. Detroit: Become Human had barely been shown before today ,but we got treated to a new trailer.


Now for some PSVR news. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be fully playable with PSVR. PS4 exclusive and will release on January 24th 2017. A demo is available now for PS Plus members.


With this also came the announcement that PSVR will release on October 13th 2016. More than 50 games will be available for PSVR by the end of the year including this game called Here They Lie which will release this fall.


More PSVR games, and this one is called Farpoint. Not much is known but it’s a sci-fi game set on an unknown planet.


Because this was the PSVR segment, here is another. It was the official announcement of the new and PS4 exclusive Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing mission and will release this holiday exclusively on PS VR


We’re not done with the VR. The next title is a surprising one. It’s called Batman: Arkham VR and it’s a PS4 exclusive. You’ll be able to play this title in October 2016.


Last PSVR title in this segment is called… Final Fantasy XV. Yes you heard right, Final Fantasy XV will have some PS VR support. This game is set to release on September 30th.


Something that is now part of the PlayStation showing is Call of Duty and there was no exception with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The game is set to release on November 4th 2016 on PC, PS4 and XBO. With this was also announced a 30 days timed exclusive for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.


Here is news that will only half satisfy fans. Crash Bandicoot is coming back to PlayStation. Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and Warped will be fully remastered from the ground up for PlayStation 4. Crash Bandicoot will also come first to PlayStation 4 in Skylanders Imaginators which will release on October 16th 2016.


It was a busy night with Sony. We got reminded that Lego Star Wars: The Force Awaken is releasing on June 28th 2016 with a new trailer.


Fear not, while the conference was soon coming to an end, the next presentation was done by none other than Hideo Kojima and yes it is his new game. It’s called Death Stranding starring Norman Reedus.


If you were wondering about Insomniac Games next big title, the wait is over. That’s right, while there have been rumors in the past. It has now been confirmed that Spider-Man will be making his way to the PS4.


And as the conference ended, we were treated with a live demo of Days Gone. It’s really reminiscent of both Dying Light and The Last of Us.


Based on the video below, E3’s Best games are on PS4 and PSVR:


You can watch the whole Sony conference, to see anything we could not show you, right here: