E3 2016: EA Play Conference

E3 2016: EA Play Conference

The first conference of this year’s E3 went to EA. About an hour long and with the usual large focus on EA Sports. We heard a bit more about the future of some franchise however, there was nothing really remarkable or surprising from this conference. Well you can also judge that by yourself:


The conference started with Titanfall 2 on stage. Noticeable change to this new title: a proper progression system, 6 new titans, more customizations and a single player campaign. TitanFall 2 will release on PC, PS4 and XBO on October 28th 2016 and a multiplayer test will be available this summer. Head to http://www.titanfall.com/en_gb/ for more details.


Madden NFL 17 was next on the stage, and really the main news is that the frostbite engine will be used. A new season and a new championship to begin as well. More EA Sports support for their own ESport and a 1 million dollar prize for the Madden 17 championship. The game is set to release on August 23rd 2016 on PS3, PS4, XB 360 and XBO.


We had a new look at Mass Effect: Andromeda however no specific release date yet. A new cast and a bigger adventure is what we should expect from this new entry into the franchise, with more freedom and the game is using the frostbite engine and more will be revealed this fall. The game is set to release in 2017 on PC, PS4 and XBO.


If you are a fan of FIFA, know that FIFA 17 might be the best yet with a complete new mode called The Journey where you will follow the progression of Alex Hunter’s career. FIFA 17 will also be using the frostbite engine to make this possible and will include some of the biggest names when is comes to premiere league managers. They also promise a complete revamp in game play. The game is set to release on September 27th 2016 on PC, PS3, PS4, XB 360 and XBO.


Two important things that were announced during the conference: EA Access (XB) and Origin Access (PC) will be free to everyone during E3 week and EA is pleased to announce EA Original. This is a program made to provide support, security and funding to indie studios or any other studios that could catch their eyes. The first EA Original title is called Fe, an adventure game.


Unfortunately, we did not get more details on what was coming to the Star Wars franchise but they are working on 3 new titles: a new Star Wars Battlefront, a game made by Visceral Games and one by Respawn Entertainment. Some teaser and concept arts can be seen in this short video:


The conference ended with Battlefield 1 for everyone’s enjoyment. The new title was also streamed live after the conference with a 32 VS 32 battle on site. Only DICE could make going back to World War 1 so appealing. The game is set to release on October 21st 2016 on PC, PS4 and XBO.



We also invite you to watch the EA Play E3 Pre-show and conference directly for more details about what was announced today.

EA Play E3 2016 Conference


Next up is Bethesda Software conference at 10 pm EDT.