Destiny Beta Hands On

I’m a gamer, and as a gamer I sometimes lack self control. It is a position I’m in at the moment while I wait for Bungie to finish their maintenance, open the doors back to their Destiny Beta, and allow Xbox players to join in on the fun. I’ve been opening the game and trying to log in at least five times a day and it seems I’ll reach twenty hoping maintenance will be done early. Yes, Destiny is that addictive and I want more of it. I’ve played this Beta so much that even if I gain more XP, I still don’t see any of my skills get higher – although, I suspect Bungie to have patched that quickly to prevent people from unlocking everything in their starter class. That is because once you reach level eight, you do not gain any more levels, but you do still gain XP. It also still ups your skills until they unlock (or at least it was doing so for me). Even without that gain, I would still be playing right now. And there are several reasons.


Destiny Beta


Let’s take the crucible. I have not played it too much yet as I’m not a fan of PvP shooters, but for what I played, it was interesting and I could really get into playing this more often with a solid fireteam. That would at least account for three out of the six. Of course, you could happen to have another fireteam with you and all would be well. It is also the curse of this setting because you could get random people with a complete lack of understanding of the objective and lose every time. They also have different kinds of crucibles. They bring different types of rewards and will enable you to get things that would become rarer in the overall population. This one was introduced with the Destiny Beta and it’s called the Iron Banner. The Iron Banner is a special kind of crucible competition that opened for only two hours and granted Iron Banner marks and reputation. Said marks and reputation opened up the ability to get specific weapons and armour only available with that specific NPC.


There’s more to this Beta. The lucky gamers that got on this (or pre ordered) have been able to experience the start of Destiny’s story. The Beta also has a total of four story missions, including the one from the Alpha. These story missions can be repeated, and some of them hide a few secrets. You can also do an exploration zone and the strike mission, which were both in the Alpha as well. You might think there’s nothing much that’s new, but with the new story missions come more lore and more grimoire to unlock. It also brings a better understanding of what to expect with the game at the release. And if you look carefully, you can discover some locations that we might be visiting. The grimoire was particularly useful for this, with mentions of the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. We’re already privy to the moon part, as we can see the story missions that will be available there on launch. It doesn’t show how many there will be, but I can’t wait to experience it.


Destiny Beta


I mentioned a few secrets so here they are! There are golden chests, which are for specific zones. If you unlock all of the chests you seem to gain a sweet reward! The five chests for the Old Russia zone on Earth actually gave an upgraded sparrow. These five chests were easily accessible and didn’t require a lot of work to get. You’ll also find dead ghosts that, once revived, will give you fragments or complete lore on a specific subject. There’s a lot to learn in the game for sure. These are just two of the collectibles that are available during the Destiny Beta. The grimoire also updates with different kind of actions like number of kills, crucible match and new places you visit. That, in itself, will take quite a while to fill up. If you add the daily bounties and anything that requires reputation and marks, you’ll have quite the value for this game.


I simply can’t wait to return to this Beta and try to find other things I might have missed. I’m also tempted to simply create two more characters and play all of the races and classes. This Beta can’t come back soon enough, and it will be gone way too fast before the wait until the release on September 9th. If you haven’t had the chance to get into this Beta, definitely do as soon as you can. Some lucky Playstation Plus owners got a free PS3 and a free PS4 code. For Xbox fans, your Beta starts on July 23rd. We’re also giving four codes away to Xbox One owners through Facebook and Twitter, so jump in to get a chance at these codes and I hope to see you all fighting Fallens and the Hive shortly!