Review: Star Trek Beyond


Having grown up as a Star Wars fan with little to no exposure to the Star Trek universe I was initially hesitant to jump into the great beyond of J.J. Abrams and his vision for the Star Trek universe. The first movie I waited to see until it was free on television, it captured my interest and was something I got into, but still my interest in Star Trek was moderate.


Then a few years later, Star Trek: Into Darkness came out and I really began to grow into the franchise, going back and watching some of the original series as well as a few of the spinoffs. Not to mention the movies that followed. So when they announced that they would be making a third Star Trek movie I was interested from the get go.


Star Trek: Beyond takes place a few years after the events of Star Trek: Into Darkness (Wrath of Kahn remake). The crew of the enterprise is set to take a short break from their 500-day mission and re-supply at this star fleet created space station, which was meant to look like a giant bubble with life on the inside. While re-supplying it is discovered that Captain Kirk has asked for a promotion to end his time in space and go onto other things in Starfleet. At the same time, Spock has learned that his older self, Ambassador Spock or new Vulcan, has passed away. Spock has also decided to leave Starfleet.

As we learn all this a ship with only one passenger approaches the space station and has a distress signal. A captain of a ship has been devastated, her crew captured inside the nebula. Requesting help, the Enterprise is sent out to rescue the distressed crew from the unknown threat inside the uncharted territory.

When they discover the rescue mission to be an ambush, the Enterprise is deviated and the crew is scattered on an unknown planet, beyond known space. With no communications and no ship, the crew must find a way not only to get back together, but to free their captured allies and stop the would be attackers from executing their plan.


Star Trek: Beyond is an awesome journey. The movie feels like it does take a while to get its legs but as the movie progresses the movie begins to build on itself with everything falling into place. Very rarely do franchises hit on every movie they make but I felt like this movie was as good if not better than the two previous movies in the series.

Director Justin Lin took over from J.J. Abrams at the helm of this franchise and he did a really great job. Star Trek is a hard franchise to make feel original and instead relies heavily on character interaction and story. Lin did an outstanding job delivering a well rounded movie that was a treat for the eyes and the mind.

Simon Pegg pulled double duty on this movie having been one of the writers of the movie as well as reprising his role as Scotty. His script really helped set the tone and build further into the depths of the character base and really added new elements for the overall story which hadn’t been previously introduced before. In addition to that there were some really great jokes that landed with the audience that really made the adventure seem exciting. The tone combined with the action really came together in an ultimately very enjoyable movie.

Sofia Boutella joined the cast as a character named Jaylah who was an excellent character to add. She was dynamic, funny and could kick some serious ass. She never felt like an accessory in the story and she was never really a bother. Hopefully she comes back for the next movie because she really made the film a lot of fun for me.


The existing returning cast all delivered excellent performances. Many of the main characters spent much of the movie in pairs of 2 which made the intimate moments between those characters mean a lot more. Zachary Quinto’s Spock and Karl Urbans Dr. McCoy had a lot of great back and fourth that really brought you into the movie.

Star Trek Beyond really pulled you into the story and by the third act you didn’t want it to end. Idris Elba plays the villain, Krall in this movie. Krall’s story at first seemed a bit confusing but as the movie went on and more things got explained. You get a great understanding of his depth and motivations for why he would want to attack Starfleet. Elba did an outstanding job, of not only playing a convincing villain, but making you empathise with his character as well.

From the fun story, the compelling adventure and the spectacular visuals (one in particular at the end of the movie), Star Trek Beyond is a great movie that the whole family can enjoy. This is one film that I would really recommend going out to the theaters to see.



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