Review: The Lookalike

The Lookalike

Director: Richard Gray

Starring: Justin Long, Jerry O’Connell, Gillian Jacobs, John Corbett, Steven Bauer

Release Date: August 12, 2014

Genre: Crime/ Drama/ Thriller


The Lookalike (2014) begins with what appears to be a high profile drug deal between business partners Frank (Steven Bauer) and Bobby (John Corbett) and drug lord William Spinks (John Savage). Spinks desires a romantic night with his ex-business partner’s daughter Sadie Hill and has enlisted Frank and Bobby to set it up for a huge cash return. However, plans get derailed when Sadie suddenly dies and Frank and Bobby must find a lookalike to seal the deal. In what appears to be a separate storyline, straight edged Holt (Justin Long) meets cocaine addicted Lacey (Gillian Jacobs) when she appears at his brother Joe’s (Jerry O’Connell) apartment in search of her next fix. Meanwhile Joe finds his own love attraction in Mila (Scottie Thompson), a deaf woman who becomes suspicious of Joe’s business transactions.

While the film has a simple main plot the writers have added more complicated subplots which do not necessarily add to the presentation of the storyline. Instead, the subplots complicate the film as some parts tend to go unexplained. The intertwining of plots however will keep you interested throughout the film. The film has a silly plotline with a predictable ending, however, the subplots do add depth to the film which the main plotline lacks. The film has a few plot twists which are completely expected and predictable yet add to its entertainment value.

Justin Long gives us a great performance which is a deviation from his more well-known rom-com roles.  His character Holt is serious and is clearly fighting an inner battle which Long portrays really well. Television’s Community actress Gillian Jacobs also gives a standout performance, with her character being part of the few plot twists within the film Jacobs executes the scenes in a believable and authentic manner.

The technical elements of the film are what you would expect from a sub-par film. Although the cinematography and editing are fairly well done the soundtrack and limited special effects could use some work. The music used was not anything spectacular and was often used out of place. In addition, the special effects were nothing special, for lack of a better word. Explosions were used strictly for dramatic effect and not to add any real depth to the plotline.

All in all, The Lookalike may not be a profound thought provoking drama, but its various storylines, great cast, and colourful scenes at least make it entertaining when you’re looking for a movie you can watch without having to do too much thinking. Although the film presents us with some stellar stars it does not do their careers justice, with cheesy music and low budget special effects, The Lookalike is not necessarily a buzz worthy film. However, every cast member played their part well and makes this film at least worthy of a rainy day watch.

The Verdict

Story: 6

A quest to appease a drug lord

Presentation: 6

Some explosions for dramatic effect

Value: 6

Fairly enjoyable

Overall Score

*Overall score is not an average.