Electronic Arts E3 2017 – Round up

Every year we get to anxiously wait for game developers to announce what they are bringing to the table for the upcoming season in gaming. EA ( Electronic Arts) started off the show with a rather underwhelming presentation. Pacing the show with their typical annual titles, a sequel to Starwars Battlefront and Bioware’s newest title Anthem. EA once again proved that they really don’t have to be revolutionary or creative as people will always buy their games.  I mean honestly, I won’t deny adding two of these titles to my growing preorder list.

Here is a list of each title announced at today’s conference!


A Way Out 




Star Wars: Battlefront 2


Need for Speed: Payback




FIFA 18: The Journey 




DLC:Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar


Madden 18 – The Longshot