Electronic Arts E3 2015 Conference



Didn’t get a chance to catch EA’s E3 2015 show? Fear not, because 3GEM has got you covered with the biggest games and announcements! Here’s a rundown on what we saw.




Mass Effect: Andromeda

One of the biggest and most anticipated games of the show; EA made the obvious decision to open up the conference with a quick tease of the newest game in the award winning franchise. Not a whole lot was shown in the cinematic trailer, but needless to say it looks unreal. A 2016 Holiday Season release date was given, so look for a lot more on Mass Effect in the coming months


Need For Speed

The legendary racing franchise is back and has returned to the popular underground scene with massive car customization and a world map that is one of the biggest they have ever created. The game looks almost picture perfect running on Frostbite 4, the same engine that runs the popular Battlefield series. EA promises this to be the definitive Need For Speed game and for now it certainly has our attention. Need For Speed drops November 3rd of this year.





A brand new EA IP, Unravel looks to take a lot of cues from Little Big Planet, but has a big heart. Playing as a little character made of yarn, you progress through various puzzle platformer levels, you become unwound, and you can use your yarn body to solve the puzzles, cross gaps, and get from start to finish on what looks to be a very powerful and endearing game.


EA Sports

A slew of first looks at annual franchises such as NHL, Madden, FIFA, and NBA, the typical stuff they show every year. As a huge NHL fan, NHL 16 looks really promising, but it’s still too early to know a lot of information on any of these new titles


Mirrors Edge: Catalyst

The sequel to the massively popular Mirror’s Edge, Catalyst brings back the first person parkour and combat that made the original so popular. Running on the latest Frostbite engine, Catalyst boasts a totally open and seamless world with no load times, no missions and a ton of things to do and see in this future world where nothing is private and no one is safe. Coming February 23rd 2016.




Star Wars: Battlefront

The obvious choice for the finale of the show, Star Wars: Battlefront was given the royal treatment. The presentation of Battlefronts first ever gameplay trailer was truly a thing of beauty. Being shown from both the perspective of the Empire and the Rebels, and in both 3rd and 1st person, the action took cues from the infamous battle on Hoth, and looked as true to the legendary franchise as you can possibly get. Massive explosions, AT-AT attacks, Tie Fighters battling it out against X-Wings in the sky, and even the arrival of both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to even things out. It’s clear that Star Wars: Battlefront is headed in a fantastic direction, so Star Wars fans and gamers alike should be thrilled to pick this one up in just a few short months.

That’s all the big news that has come out of the EA conference, some huge announcements, and some stunning gameplay trailers. Please let us know in the comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter what you thought of the show!