3GEM’S WEEK OF E3 – Day 7: Studs & Duds of E3 2013

Every year the E3 hype-train pulls our of the station and takes us on all on a ride. And while we’re riding along we’ll often catch glimpses of some games that look really interesting and we’ll add them to our wishlist, but sometimes the game comes out and it’s a total stinker. So for our last  pre-E3 editorial we’re taking a look at some of the games and announcements from last year’s E3 that caught our eye and whether or not they lived up to the hype. Just to be clear, we’re only counting games or consoles that have actually released. With that out of the way, let’s get to the list.

Stud – PlayStation 4

This is how you reveal a console. From showing games people will be excited about to being very forthcoming about the console’s features and connectivity, Sony righted many wrongs from the infamous PlayStation 3 reveal in 2006. The end result? The PS4 roared out of the gate and in only a few short months became this generation’s console sale leader. Not bad Sony, not bad at all.

A studly machine.

A studly machine.

Dud – Xbox One

And this folks is exactly how not to reveal a console. A high price, games that look cool but not unique, and DRM and functionality that feels more forced than offered. The Xbox One in an ambitious console for sure and it definitely has it’s fair share of solid games but the lack of focus and direction from the people running the show definitely make it a hard sell right now. Hopefully E3 2014 can be a turning point for the system.



Stud – Mario Kart 8

Oh man did the Wii U ever need this game. While we’ve only just recently gotten our hands on Mario Kart 8 there’s no denying that the game is an instant classic and a must own for Nintendo fans. The game’s E3 2013 showing may have been tame compared to some of the other games on the show floor but if you’re looking for a reliable multiplayer experience, then look no further.

Console saver?

Console saver?

Dud – PlayStation Vita

My thoughts on the PlayStation Vita are definitely no secret but the struggling handheld’s E3 showing last year reinforced the stereotype that Sony has simply abandoned the system. For the next year the system would struggle to grow it’s software library (outside of JRPGs) and is constantly loosing ground to Nintendo’s 3DS. From all the reported leaks we’ve seen from E3 2014, this year doesn’t look to be any better for the Vita.

Cool machine. Hopefully they make a new game for it soon.

Cool machine. Hopefully they make a new game for it soon.

Stud – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed III is a great game, if you like talky, slow-paced marches through history. Assassin’s Creed IV on the other hand puts fun first and takes the series to new heights. While we may have recoiled at Ubisoft’s announcement that Assassin’s Creed was becoming an annual franchise with multiple installments if Comet and Unity are anywhere near as good as Black Flag then I guess I’m ok with it.

Nothing's funner than pirates.

Nothing’s funner than pirates.

Dud – Watch Dogs

Ok, ok calm down everyone. I admit it, Watch Dogs is a good game. Heck it’s better than good, it’s great but did it live up the hype that was being generated for it? Of course not. Now to be fair no game could but the product we eventually got was in several ways less impressive than the earlier tech demos that we were shown making it feel a bit like a bait and switch. That being said, the game is still a great play if you leave your hype at the door.

No game could of lived up to that hype.

No game could of lived up to that hype.

What are your memories from E3 2013? Have any personal studs and duds to share? Let us know!