3GEM Top 10: Xbox One: 2 Years Later!

It has been two long but amazing years since Microsoft unleashed its next generation console into the world, and what started out as a bit of a rocky launch, has turned into something pretty incredible for fans of the big green machine. Here are our picks for the top 10 things Xbox One has done over its first 2 years!

10) Forza 5, Horizons 2 and Forza 6 – This might be a cop out, but we can’t just name one game of this seminal racing series that calls Xbox home. Everything about this franchise has been mint so far on the Xbox One, and we expect that trend to continue well into its lifecycle.


9) Kinect 2.0 – While still a bit of a sore spot for some gamers, Kinect 2.0 has become a staple in our gaming lives. Being able to shout commands to record to the on board DVR, scroll and search on the new U.I or play a few rounds of Dance Central, Kinect 2.0 is a vast improvement over the original.


8) The new Xbox U.I – Borrowing heavily from the Microsoft Windows 10 model, the new user interface launched on the Xbox One has seen steady upgrades and improvements. It is quick and easy to zip around, you can snap two apps open at the same time while you game and watch all sorts of cool stuff like Twitch, Netflix and Youtube, while users in the US can even use their Xbox One’s as entire TV boxes!


7) Minecraft: Xbox One Edition – it is no secret that Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon, and Microsoft purchasing developer Mojang was a big play in the gaming industry. The Xbox One version still stands as one of the highest rated games on the console, and continues to captivate players around the world.


6) Rare Replay – One of the coolest bundles to come out in 2015, and certainly the most bang for your buck, Rare Replay offers up to 30 games for $30 from the incredible archives of Rare Studios. Games like Battletoads and Banjo and Kazooie highlight this incredible Xbox One exclusive!

5) The Elite Controller – Coming as a bit of a surprise during E3 2015, the Xbox One Elite Controller is a behemoth. The unit is combining the classic look and feel of the original controller shipped with the Xbox One, but adding in the ability to use more buttons and triggers, map out button layouts, and much more. It is going to run you a hefty $150, but the customization it offers can only be rivaled on PC.


4) Halo 5 – The question on everyone’s mind when the Xbox One was launched was this, “when will we see Master Chief make his debut?”, the answer came just a few weeks ago, as Halo 5 continued the tradition of incredible story and gameplay, coupled with some of the best competitive multiplayer since Halo 2.


3) Rise of the Tomb Raider – While only a timed exclusive for about a year, this deal between Square Enix and Microsoft has been paying off huge in the early going, as Rise Of The Tomb Raider looks to be a contender for Game Of The Year with it’s incredible visuals and story. Ps4 fans will get a chance to play it eventually, but for now it is one of the crown jewels in the Xbox One’s library.


2) Phil Spencer – The new face of Xbox has been a godsend for fans and the industry as a whole. Phil has 25 years worth of experience at Microsoft, and when he took over the Xbox division, he brought with him a renewed focus on games and the people who play them. The trend we have seen since is much like the Xbox of old, less about being the center of your living room, and more about being the most fun you have in there instead.


1) The Xbox One Itself – It is a big yet beautiful box of power, a little bulky looking at first, but sleek and powerful all the same. The Xbox One is designed to look like a cable top box of sorts, which is fitting considering Microsoft had hoped it would replace other devices and become center stage in the living room. For what it is worth, the Xbox One has been a success in many ways.


Well that is it folks, our picks for the top 10 highlights the Xbox One has given us in its first 2 years! If you agree with our list, awesome! If not, well let us know on our facebook page where we went wrong!