3GEM Exclusive News: Nintendo’s Amiibo: Save file not shared between games

We had the occasion to sit with Matt Ryan from Nintendo of Canada and discussed a few topics with him. Out of this interview came news for the Amiibo which had not been heard before. The Amiibo used on a game will not keep the progress from that game if it is used with another game. Here’s what Matt said specifically on the matter:


“We’ll happily sell you three Marios if you want. Some people will do that, and I’ll tell you why. Amiibo will hold the information specific to the game that you are using it in, and then when you transfer it to a different game, (because you can use Amiibo in Captain Toad and you’ll be able to use it in Kart), then they’ll be a part of that game. You can bring them back into another game, but you will lose the data, so there’s gonna be reasons. Some people won’t want to take them out of the packaging, right? Serious collectors will keep them in packaging, I think those are gonna be some people that will buy multiples.”


We were slightly shocked by the news, but at the same time, not that surprised. The Amiibo will definitely sell well once it is launched later this year. Hopefully, the pricing is reasonable enough to entice players to buy several, as Nintendo is hoping.
You can read the full interview with Matt here: http://3gem.ca/post-e3-14-matt-ryan-interview/