12DOC Day 9: A Gift Guide for Children 2015!

“It’s always better to give than to receive” is what my parents always advised to me when I was younger. To be honest that is very truthful, one of the greatest joys over the holidays is being able to give a gift to your loved ones that you know they will love. In this article we have decided to give a break down of the Top 5 movies and games for the younger generation to receive this Christmas.

Top 5 Movies for Children this Christmas

There were many movies that came out this year that would fall under this category. We at 3Gem have narrowed it down to just 5 movies available to purchase for this holiday season. The movies are not only great for children but for the child at heart as well. Christmas is a time for family and what better way to celebrate family then to sit down and watch one of these great films released over the course of 2015, they are great gift ideas as well.

5) The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (Released for purchase June 2nd, 2015)

4) Max (Released for purchase Oct 27th, 2015)

3) Home (Released for purchase July 28th, 2015)

2) Inside Out (Released for purchase Nov 3rd, 2015)

1) Minions (Released for purchased Dec 8th, 2015)


Top 5 Games for Children this Christmas

Games are high on a lot of Christmas lists this year. With the many games that have come out over the past year it does not surprise us the popularity of the games seen below. From Disney Infinity to Lego Dimensions, here is the Top 5 games for the kid in all of us this year:

5) Disney Infinity 3.0 (PC/PS4/XBO/WII U)infinity


4) Skylanders Superchargers (PC/PS4/XBO/WII U)skylanders


3) Super Mario Maker (PC/PS4/XBO/WII U)mario


2) Minecraft (PC/PS4/XBO/WII U)minecraft


1) LEGO Dimensions (PC/PS4/XBO/WII U)lego