12DOC Day 5: Christmas Specials Found on Netflix!

So here we are on the fifth day of Christmas and you are wondering what to watch for the evening. Now there are many people who consistently go with the classics or simply watch some made for TV movies. What about for this evening we turn to Netflix? There are many people subscribed to the service and with a variety of Christmas movies, television shows, and specials waiting to be discovered, you are bound to find something that suits the whole family. Here is a list of a few that caught my eye for this Christmas Season.


10) A Moody Christmas: Australian based TV show that came out for six episodes back in 2012. Following Dan Moody on his yearly tradition of leaving London and heading back home to Australia for Christmas.



9) Silver Bells: This movie follows a sports reporter as a Bell Ringer for the Salvation Army. Released in 2013.


8) Jingle all the Way 2: A sequel to the original first released in 1996 released just last Christmas.



7) A Christmas Star: Released just this year, a young girl believes she has the gift of performing miracles because she was born under a Christmas Star.


6) Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Film Collection: This collection though not necessarily all Christmas is definitely a Holiday favorite for children. Short films vary from Frozen to Mickey Mouse. A great variety for the kid at heart as well.

Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection


5) Christmas with the Kranks: This movie shows the ups and downs of what would play out if you were to consider skipping Christmas for a year. This 2004 hit movie stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis.

christmas with the kranks


4) How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Who doesn’t love the story of the Grinch? This Holiday favourite released 15 years ago in 2000 is a must watch every year during the holidays.



3) Arthur Christmas: How is it that Santa can delivery all those presents to all the children every year? Watch Arthur Christmas released in 2011 to find out just how it is done.


2) Jingle all the Way: Turbo man and the pursuit of that right Christmas gift for someone you love. This classic Christmas movie first released in 1996 is a true indication of what parents will do for their children.



1) A Very Murray Christmas– The number one special this year. This special was just released for Christmas 2015. Stars include Bill Murray (of course), Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, Amy Poehler, and many more. This Christmas special was created for Netflix.

Please note that these are Christmas Favorites found that are available on Netflix Canada.