12DOC Day 11: Best of the Best this Holiday!

We here at 3GEM know that most of you guys are sitting on Santa’s nice list, and no doubt have some truly awesome gifts waiting for you under the tree this holiday, but we always like to cover all our bases. This little shopping list is for the big spenders out there, the one’s who love to shower their friends and family with only the newest and best tech of the season! We present to you, “The Best Of The Best In Tech” Holiday 2015 edition!
tech ggifts1) LG EG9600 TV- One of the highest reviewed sets to hit the market in 2015, this beast from LG might just be the last TV you ever buy. Boasting an incredible curved design and 4K resolution, the LG EG9600 is the cutting edge in home entertainment, and at its current sale price of around $3,000, we certainly hope it is worth every dollar.


2) IPhone 6S Plus OR Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + – Either of these dynamo cellphones are the real cream of the crop this year, and both are going to cost you around $1,000 to buy out right. Both feature massive displays, perfect for gaming and movies, and crystal clear resolution. The Samsung boasts an interesting curved screen, as the “Edge” in the name implies, while the IPhone 6S Plus makes its mark with a host of improvements to camera quality, display and overall processing speeds. At the end of the day, the choice comes down to personal preference, as both of these devices are absolute powerhouses.


3) Origin PC Eon15-X Gaming Laptop – Getting the most out of your portable gaming powerhouse has never been easier, thanks to great advances in hardware and technology that the last few years have brought us, and Origin PC’s Eon15-X is a prime example, pumping desktop level performance and 4K resolution in a fairly compact and portable shell. This bad-boy is going to set you back $2,600 big ones, but that’s the price you pay for the best!


4) Hyper X Cloud II – This headset is easily the best one on the market right now, pumping out incredible sound and often recommended by some of gaming’s elite competitive teams. The Hyper X Cloud II is universal, working on everything from PC, Ps4, X1 and Android/IOS, and the best part? They are only around $100!


5) Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch – There is a ton of solid options this year if you are in the market for a new smartwatch, but reviewers say that nothing tops the Samsung Gear S2. It has taken Samsung a few tries, but it seems like they have finally nailed the design and functionality that you expect from wearable tech, and the inclusion of an onboard SIM card slot is ahead of the game, meaning you can use the features of the watch totally separate from your mobile phone if you so choose. The price tag on one of these beauties is around $299.99.


6) IPad Air 2 – Apple continues to take the best and make it better, and the IPad Air 2 is certainly no exception, it is much lighter, it is even thinner than ever. The screen pops with beautiful colors all while running at top end speeds during gaming or binge watching Netflix. Battery life is superb, as is the price for this titan of the tablet world, only setting you back around $600, well worth the price of admission.


7) Moga Pro Power Bluetooth Controller – If you are anything like me, you HATE having to use touch controls when you enjoy your Android and IOS games, thankfully, the Moga Pro Power is the perfect accessory to have with you. Snapping into place and connecting to your phone via bluetooth, it mirrors the traditional look and feel of the classic Xbox 360 controller, only now you can take it on the go! No word yet on if it helps your Candy Crush Saga score!


And that is it! Some of the absolute best tech to come out in 2015! We know some of these are on the expensive side, but come on, IT IS CHRISTMAS!!! Splurge a bit on yourself OR your loved ones this holiday, and give them a gift they will never forget!