12 DOC Day 8: Gifts to Buy the Gamer in the Family!


In my house growing up, Christmas always meant games, I was never usually allowed to buy any new games after November, and thus, had to wait until Christmas morning to find out if I was going to be playing the ones i really wanted. The best part of gaming though, is that it isn’t JUST games, there are plenty of awesome tech items that the gamer in your household will love. We at 3GEM are here to help with any last minute shopping ideas you might need! So here is a few ideas that the gamer in your life might love this holiday!


1) PS+/XBL time cards – These are the lifeblood of our online gaming experiences, without having these subscriptions on our accounts, we lose access to everything from online play to getting free games every month and much more. The best part about them is you can never have too much time, so it’s a foolproof gift idea for someone you know enjoys either of these two consoles.


2) New Controllers – Rage quitting happens to the best of us, and unfortunately that means the odds of a precious controller being broken or smashed is pretty high throughout the year. Thankfully, picking up a new one is fairly affordable AND can be super stylish, coming in a range of different colors and designs.


3) Gaming Headsets – This is a big one, If you have never used a proper gaming headset such as Turtle Beach or any of its rivals, stop what you are doing right now and go out and get one. Its honestly like night and day, but more importantly, you can bring the gift of immersive sound to the ears of a lucky gamer in your family this holiday, and it doesn’t even have to be a top of the line model, $50-$70 will net you a really decent pair of headphones, a perfect gift to find under the tree this Christmas.


4) Gaming Add-Ons! – So many popular games now have a whole slew of assorted extras and add-ons you can buy to enhance the experience. Everything from Nintendo’s massively popular Amiibo figures, to the new Disney Infinity 3.0 sets, Skylanders and Lego Dimensions, these tack on packs are relatively cheap and easy to find, and look awesome either in game or displayed on a shelf or table!


5) Awesome Gaming Clothes – Everyone needs some new shirts and sweaters, so what better way to give someone the gift of fabrics than to make it something awesome and nerdy! All over the internet are wonderful places to buy game focused clothing, a few of our favorites are Filthy Casual, Think Geek, Insert Coin Clothing and Six Dollar Shirts. Any of these places are going to offer up truly awesome gaming apparel at solid prices.


6) Gaming Books and Art – If you are looking to help spruce up a room or man cave, there is a ton of great pieces of gaming art, posters, statues etc, along with some amazing novels set in today’s most popular gaming worlds. You can find books from Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars, and much more. If you are buying for the sophisticated gamer, these items might be the perfect buy!


7) MONEY! – Might sound a little easy, and it is, but trust me when I say that the gift of money is a perfect gift for the gamer in your life. No matter the amount, there is always something we can buy that catches our eye, either online or passing by in a store. If you are unsure of what to get someone who lives and breathes gaming, then do them a solid and just give them some cash, let THEM make the tough choices and avoid having to go out and return something later!


See, buying things OTHER than games for your loved ones isn’t too hard at all! We hope this handy little guide helps you in these final days before Saint Nick makes his arrival on the 25th!