12 DOC Day 6: A Christmas List from the President

While speaking with my parents, the age old question appears. ” What would you like for Christmas?” Now if it was me 12 years ago, I would be begging for an Xbox 360 and a copy of the newest Grand Theft Auto. Today is a much different story.

You see, as a game and film reviewer I often find myself playing games and watching films when the come out. desensitize myself from the want and utter need of these games and movies, Mind you, I haven’t played every game I want to and I know for a fact that in regards to some movies, I don’t particularly want to pay for them either. I have bills, responsibilities, a growing Funko POP collection…err I mean. Moving on.

Okay, so here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to make my entertainment wish list public. Why you ask? It’s simple, I won’t be the only one looking for these items nor will I even come close to getting all the items on this list.

So here are a few items I may have hinted at to my Parents, significant other, Santa, family and friends.


10) Star Wars Battlefront.


9) Home Improvement: The complete series box set.


8)  Funko Pop: Deadpool and his Chimichanga truck.


7)  Fast and Furious Collection 1 – 7.


6) How I Met Your Mother: The Whole Story (complete series).


5) Home Alone 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition.


4) Xbox One elite controller.


3) Rainbow Six: Siege.


2) Rock Band 4.


1) Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 collection.