12 Days of 3GEM – Day 8: Top 10 Games you played with your family over the holidays

Remember when you were a kid and the holiday break from school would come around? You were excited for the break and seeing your family. What do you remember? The meals? The presents? No… you remember all the good times you had playing games with your cousins and other family members. Here is a list of the top 10 games you loved to play over the holidays for day 8 of our 12 Days of 3GEM.


  1. NHL

HE SHOOTS – HE SCORES, NHL was always a staple for those Canadian families. When you didn’t have enough sticks to go to the pond, you played on your PlayStation.



TOUCHDOWN – How heated did you get trying to set up the perfect long bomb pass against your little brother or cousin, even though you were already up 49-0?



THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS GAME – This game is the story of episode one. An amazing side scrolling game that was revolutionary on the PS1. No game prior to this gave you the true feeling of being a Jedi knight. The worst part about this game was having to wait for your co-op partner to catch up to you in the level.


  1. FIFA

THE PLAYER IS DOWN AT MIDFIELD, POSSIBLY INJURED, NO WAIT…HE’S FINE – FIFA has been EA’s best selling game for years and there is a reason why. This game has great head to head action with current roster updates.


  1. Mario Party

This game is a favorite with all ages of the family. Kids loved it because of the large variety of games to play within and parents loved it because it kept the kids quiet.


  1. Call of Duty

GRENADE – Even today, Call of Duty remains a top ‘ask for’ for kids and adults alike. The gameplay and the seemingly endless run of maps makes it a great game to keep everyone happy, unless someone is camping, then it’s ruined for everyone.



FINISH HIM – Some games have the lasting impact to stand the test of time – this game is one of them. Possibly the best fighting game ever made, when you learned to use Sub-Zero’s combo’s you were almost unstoppable. It didn’t hurt that the movies were awesome too.


  1. HALO 2

As revolutionary as Halo was, Halo 2 raised the bar and set the standard in which all future games would be measured. Halo 2 featured an amazing co-op campaign and the best collection of multiplayer maps of any game made at the time.



FALCON PUNCH! Free for all with any Nintendo character I can think of? Yes please! The heated matches that would potentially lead to real life fights brings Super Smash Bros. to be number 2 on our list. It didn’t matter which character you played as, it mattered if you knew how to use the special move they had… or if you could get to the hammer or Poke’ball first.


  1.     GOLDEN EYE

Bond, James Bond – The year was 1997. The film this game was based off of was already 2 years old but when Golden Eye for N64 came out it exploded with popularity. This game had everything gamers wanted. Golden Eye was considered, by most, to be the best game to come out for the N64. This game also had an awesome story mode to play along with as well as a variety of weapons, multiplayer maps and unlockable characters.