12 Days of 3GEM – Day 6: Top Ten: Snow Levels in Gaming

We all have our personal favourite levels in gaming. From adventuring to the top of a mountain peak to discovering the deepest caverns for gold, nothing beats our personal favourite levels…except when a snowy winter level shows up. There is something about snow levels that always cheer us up. Maybe it’s the beautiful landscape covered in snow, or just aesthetics, but we can all agree that having some snow on-screen always cheers us up. Today in this special Top Ten 12 Days of 3GEM, we will celebrate some of the best snow levels in gaming and think back on of all the chills they brought us.


10.Escape from Echo Base (Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire)

The screeches from Wampas still give me nightmares! Escape from Echo Base was one of my most unforgettable experiences back in my early gaming days. I remember going through Echo Base and taking down Snowtroopers and Wampas until reaching the AT-ST that awaited you in the final boss battle of the level. When you finally take down the Imperial Walker, you’re left with so much pride and giddiness that you can take on anything…except for Wampas.


Mario Kart 8 


  1. Mount Wario (Mario Kart 8)

I don’t understand the love Wario levels get in Mario Kart games, but if they’re fun, I guess I can overlook the fact they belong to that gassy copy of Mario. Mount Wario is the one of the most fun tracks to play on in Mario Kart 8. Starting at the top of a plane, you will start at the top of a mountain until you drift your way to the bottom, and with many obstacles in your way, this becomes one of the most chaotic tracks to play on…and we love it!


Dead Space 3


  1. Chapter 9: Onward (Dead Space 3)

What’s more terrifying than fighting psychotic space mutants alone in space? Well, let me answer that for you. Fighting psychotic space mutants in a snowy wasteland. Dead Space 3 tried to scare you out of your pants by having mutants jump at you from the bottom of your feet, hidden in the snow all while you try to reach your goal. What’s worse is a Giant Space Mutant Ice Spider comes out and tries to makes you its next meal. A truly terrifying experience that many gamers love going back to.


Mega Man X


  1. Chill Penguin (Mega-Man X)

Mega-Man X is one of the best SNES games out there, period. But when you add a snow level into the mix, it just makes it even cooler. The first level in X’s new game comes in an northern icy peak with many mecha baddies everywhere and a penguin boss who summons blizzards and chucks ice balls at you to boot. You also get the Dash Boots and a Mech Suit to go with…it’s awesome!


Uncharted 2


  1. Chapter 17: Mountaineering (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

I hate Yetis with a passion, but they will never stop me playing video games. In the 17th Chapter Mountaineering in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves we are tasked to explore an ice Tibetan cavern only to uncover a horrifying secret: a freaking Yeti appears! Now it’s up to you and Nathan to try and take down the beast and send him packing back from which ever icy hell he came from. I may not like them, but this was one of the rare moments that I was caught playing on a PS3 and really enjoying myself…SHHH…don’t tell anybody.


World of Warcraft


  1. Original Naxxramas (World of Warcraft)

World of Warcraft is home to many dungeons and raids that many gamers will remember as unforgettable experiences. The original Naxxramas does just that and more. This raid tormented players with its unique boss mechanics (Heigan the Unclean you dancing jerk!). It also one of the first raids to be separated into four different wings. You would have adventures farming the best Frost Resistance (remember when that was a thing?) to take on one of World of Warcraft’s most iconic figures, Kel’Thuzad. The Raid was so popular that it was brought back for a second go in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.


Super Mario 64


  1. Cool, Cool Mountain (Super Mario 64)

What’s a 3D Mario game without any Snow World now? Well the first of them all, in Cool, Cool Mountain, was and still is the best Snow World overall. It has you racing against a giant penguin, rescuing a baby penguin, fighting a snowman, and more! This level was also the catalyst for all other snow levels in Mario games. They even added a second Snow World in Super Mario 64. You just have to be able to find it.


  1. Ice Cap Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)

The Blue Blur doesn’t get much love nowadays, but going back to the days of Sonic’s reign in the gaming world, we can always remember the great times we had with Sonic. Ice Cap Zone is a perfect way to look back at the greatness of the original Sonic games. The level featured some of the game’s best music of any level in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and a game that has Sonic going down a mountain in a snowboard at insane speeds is a win in my books.


World of Warcraft Lich King


  1. Icecrown Citadel (World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King)

Icecrown Citadel was the final chapter in the story of Arthas, A.K.A The Lich King in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. In this raid, we had to traverse through the many undead minions and monstrosities to take down the Lord of the Scourge himself. The atmosphere for this raid was intense, and Blizzard decided to make it even more epic with the conclusion of the Lich King by always having a Jailer of the Damned.


Star Wars


  1. Battle of Hoth (All Star Wars Games)

The number one pick for our top snow level had to go to all the recreations of the Battle of Hoth throughout each and every Star Wars game. Having the orchestrated music from the original movie while reliving every Star Wars fan’s dream, piloting a Snowspeeder and taking down the Empires AT-ATs, is one of gaming’s most treasured moments. Every Star Wars game that has a Battle of Hoth level turns out to be amazing.


With that concludes our list of the best snowy wonders we received in gaming. All these moments have brought thrills and chills to many gamers around the globe to make some of gaming’s best frozen memories. Was there another icy level you had on your mind that should be on the list? Or just simply want to share your thoughts on them. Let us know in the comment box below with your many favourite snowy moments.


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