12 Days of 3GEM – Day 2: Top Ten Holiday Specials

Once a year the most magical time happens. A time in which most of us are happier about our lives and a bit nicer. The holiday season is my favourite time of year, with bright lights everywhere and big crowds at the mall.  For the second day of our 12 Days of 3GEM, here are the top ten Christmas Specials!

10. He-Man And She-Ra


Who didn’t love He-Man while growing up? Orko gets beamed to Earth while messing around.  Orko then returns back to the planet Eternia, but returns with two children from Earth.  They then learn it’s the holiday season and race against time to return the two earth children back to Earth while learning all about what Christmas is.


9. Yogi’s First Christmas


I used to do the worst Yogi impression! In this special, Yogi and Boo Boo wake up during their hibernation to find out the lodge might be torn down.  Yogi also discovers for the first time in his life that he can celebrate Christmas. They work on giving a great Christmas celebration for the owner of the lodge in order to save it.


8. A Garfield Christmas Special


This lasagna-loving cat goes to Jon’s grandmother’s house for Christmas. While spending time with Jon’s family, he isn’t happy at first but manages to have a good time. He eventually finds a gift to give to Jon’s grandmother and he discovers to true meaning of Christmas: that’s it’s not the getting, it’s the giving.


7. A Flintstone Christmas


Fred is picked to be Santa in a play, but becomes the real Santa when Santa gets in an accident on Fred’s roof. Fred and Barney are forced to finish his run before Christmas is ruined.


6. Alvin and The Chipmunks: Merry Christmas Mr Carroll


While in the holiday mood, Alvin gives away his favourite harmonica to a sick boy. He is up for a harmonica solo at their next concert. He keeps it from Dave and with the help of Simon and Theodore they try to get enough money to buy a new harmonica.


5. A Muppet Family Christmas


Fozzie Bear and the gang drop in unexpectedly on Fozzie’s mother, and she is forced to change plans and entertain everyone! There are lots of guest appearances by the Sesame Street members and Fraggle Rock. Everyone celebrates together while a snow storm goes on, stranding everyone.

4. Dr Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Based on the popular children’s book, this one hour tv special features a mean old Grinch who is annoyed by the village’s celebration of Christmas. He then works on a plan to ruin their Christmas and tries to make sure they have a very sad Christmas. This book also inspired a live action film with Jim Carrey starring as The Grinch.

3. Frosty the Snowman


This song-based Christmas special is about a snowman named Frosty. The kids find a magical hat and bring him to life.  The previous owner of the hat tries to claim it back when he finds out its magical power. All the while, a young girl that became friends with Frosty finds a way to keep him alive.


2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


Based on one of the most popular Christmas carols, the story is told by a snowman that looks like Colonel Sanders whose name is Sam. The story tells the tale of a misfit reindeer and an elf who wants to become a dentist, who run off to find somewhere they belong. They come across some unforgettable characters such as the abominable snowman, misfit toys and, my personal favourite, Yukon Cornelius.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas


The story is about Charlie Brown being sick of the commercialism of Christmas.  He spends the whole time looking for the true meaning of Christmas. During this special, he gets to direct a play and is put in charge finding the perfect tree. He manages to get the smallest, most bare tree in the whole lot. When he brings it back, he gets made fun of by everyone. He then takes the tree and storms off. After a speech by Linus everyone figures out the true meaning of Christmas.  This special is so popular you can go out and purchase your own Charlie Brown styled tree. I watch this special at least twice every year.