12 Days of 3GEM – Day 10: Holiday Dinner Guests

For our tenth day of 12 Days of 3GEM, we asked our staff to choose one fictional character they would invite as a guest if they had an empty space at their holiday dinner table. Here’s what they had to say!


“At my holiday dinner I would want to laugh, and laugh I shall with my guest. His father in law calls him Chauncy, I call him Ms. Chanandler Bong. Well, that’s who his TV Guide subscription goes to. For me, Chandler Bing from Friends would be the perfect addition to my holiday feast as he has one of the best senses of humour out there. Whether he is talking about the W.E.N.U.S. or sharing that story about the time he lived in a box, I can assure all my guests that Chandler will keep the conversation going. So start dinner and turn on the parade because Chandler Bing is coming to town!”

–Sean Robinson, President


“I would invite Michael Scott from The Office. He always has a great joke up his sleeve and can be counted on to flirt relentlessly and terribly with all of your aunts. Let’s face it, he loves Christmas. He would probably come dressed up as some really inappropriate version of Santa. When discussing the meal, “What did you stuff it with?” would be met with a resounding “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” He would be great at taking the attention away from me and the fact that I’m still not married.”

–Fiona Douglas, Editor-in-Chief


“Tony Stark: “I am Iron Man”. A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist who will have no shortage of fun and interesting things to talk about. Not to mention he is the hero of New York, Iron Man. There is a chance to wear the Iron Man suit. Who wouldn’t want to be Iron Man for a night?”

–Greg Chisholm, Film Content Producer


“In the tradition of the first Thanksgiving, a dinner between two vastly different cultures held to encourage peace between both parties, I would invite a delegation of Xenomorphs from the Alien quadrilogy. Humans and Xenomorphs have never gotten along, but perhaps in a more festive environment, they would be more willing to hear our pleas for mercy  proposal for a truce, before holding a one-sided feast.”

–Bill Vassar , Writer


“As a big Nintendo fan, its difficult just to pick one person I would like at my dinner table (mostly because they are destructive mutes). If I were to pick one of them, it would have to be Luigi. Seeing that I am the Luigi of the family, it would be fun to share a few thoughts on how we are awesome and how we jump higher than our brothers, and since Luigi is Italian and I am a big pasta lover, it would be a very easy meal to cook for the best fictional plumber out there.”

–Jacob St-Amour, Writer


“The Holidays are always a super fun time, so it would only be even MORE super if the man of steel himself, Superman, could hop on over and attend my family feast. After a delightful dinner, we could zip anywhere in the world in a flash, maybe hit up the fortress of solitude and check out some of his other-worldly possessions, then escape the frigid cold, and before you can count to 10, you and Supes would be chilling in Cabo with some cold drinks and hot sands! Oh and maybe fight some bad guys while out and about.”

Dan Reintjes, Writer/Community Manager


“When asked the question who would I invite to my dinner table for the holidays, I drew a blank. I had no idea who to consider at all and even now I’m not sure. So I went with one of my most memorable fictional characters I could ever think of. So I have chosen Asterix because from all the things I have read, played, watch and followed, Asterix have been part of my whole life, from my childhood to my adulthood. He’s a character that has his own quirks, can be funny and intelligent and would be a perfect guest at the table. That and maybe getting him drunk enough to get a taste of the secret potion.. ;)”

–Alex Cote, Head of Gaming


“Why not invite Santa himself? So many questions could be answered about the nature of good spirit in the Holidays and transporting extremely heavy quantities of cargo at impossible speeds around the globe. I’d ask him to bring along cookies because I imagine he never quite has a shortage of those. Maybe an elf or two could come along for kicks to enjoy the festivities. Of course, number one on my list would be able to present my very own Christmas list in person, avoiding what inevitably becomes a very significant postage charge. Happy Holidays!”

–Gibson Gervais, Writer


“‘KEVINNNN!!’ – Every year since the movie was released, I’ve always wanted to hang out with Kevin from the Home Alone movies. The places, people, and things he’s seen and experienced at such a young age, not to mention some pretty crazy awesome traps for the ‘Sticky Bandits’- he’s bound to have more tricks and ideas up his sleeve. Having him next to me at my Christmas dinner table, plotting the next family prank, would be awesome. The fact that we both come from large extended families would make us very relatable as well.”

–Steve Ulrich, Social Media Manager

“I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like Star Wars. I once had a date with a woman in which we had a light saber battle. She was such a nice girl…. Anyway, I would choose Han Solo. Why? It’s Han Solo, that’s why! The coolest character in all of the Star Wars Universe. Everyone likes the badass smuggler. Han Solo  truly didn’t care about anything early in the trilogy, then had a change of heart and became a loyal fighter. I would ask him for a ride in the Millennium Falcon after the dinner. Plus, hey, if Han is around, Chewie isn’t far behind. Han shot first. Han always shoots first.”

–Roger Sararas, Writer


Who would you have at your holiday dinner table? Let us know in the comments below!